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    Welcome back Miners,

    This announcement comes with big news. I have decided to take up a partner for the server, his name is Fadest and he will be helping me get the server together and run it. We are currently working on getting some special features built into the server to make it better and unique.

    With this change comes other things, having a second person on hand will help me with spending my time working on the server instead of looking for people to do specific tasks for me. That being said we are still waiting on the builds to arrive and after such a long wait we are almost done.

    Thank you everyone for your patience, we are also going to start growing our community now. Along with that staff applications will open today. Please reach out to me over discord if you want to ask questions, make suggestions or talk to me.

    Discord: sHamre99#2570

    Have a great day!
    ~ sHamre99

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