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    Hello MysticMines Prisoners!


    The management team have opened staff applications to all members! Be sure to apply to help MysticMines become the best it can be! You can submit your application here, good luck!

    The management team are going to be reviewing staff applications as well as judging them. Please expect a few days or more before getting a response as there could be a lot of applications. Thank you for taking the time to read this and anyone who have submitted an application.

    • You must be at least 13 years old, exceptions can be made depending on maturity.
    • You must act maturely and professionally in-game, on the forums, and on other MysticMines servers.
    • You must be able to record and take screenshots to submit as proof when punishing players.
    • You should be familiar with the server you have applied for and the community on that server.
    • You should be some-what familiar with the staff team and duties.
    • You should be able to speak competent English.
    • You should have decent usage of proper grammar when communicating.
    • You must have a microphone and be able to speak on discord.
    • The application may not have insufficient an amount of detail.
    • You must hold a clean punishment record for a period of time.
    • You must be active in-game, on other MysticMines platforms, and forums.

    The requirements will be updated and edited at any point of time. So remember to check these before applying.

    • Accepted - The application as well as the interview was satisfying and the applicant is well fit for the staff team and the applicant is ready to join the staff team.
    • Interview - This does not mean that you are accepted to the staff team. When the application shows sufficient details, the applicant meets the requirements and if the staff team feels you are fit to to join the staff team then the applicant is ready for the interview stage! This interview will be held usually on discord and is just some simple questions so there's nothing to be nervous about!
    • Denied - The application will be denied if it has insufficient details such as unanswered questions or if it doesn't seem appropriate (troll applications) or if the applicant's behavior is not appropriate to join the staff team. Having any prior offenses would create an unsatisfactory reputation for the staff team.

    If there are further questions, please private message me or a manager regarding the question. Thank you for everyone plans on applying!
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