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    Welcome Miners,

    Have you been missing out on a good Op-Prison community lately? Well we are soon to be open and we are really excited to bring you a fun, high quality server that will hopefully keep you engaged and having lots of fun.

    Here is a brief update on the current progress:
    "So far the server is coming along well, we are hopeful the server will be ready by December 20th, this is currently a goal for our latest date to release. With the current issues happening with school, I will be able to be online much more often working on the server. I am hopeful that the team and I will be able to get this server going in early December." - sHamre99

    Further more the progress that is being made on the server has increased. Currently we are trying to find more people who are able to help us with the development of this server. The progress will be continuously updated on this forum. If you have any questions. Please comment below.

    Thank you and Have a nice day
    ~ sHamre99
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