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    Welcome Miners,

    This announcement comes with little amounts of news. But at the same time it remains unfortunate.

    As of late November we have had a spawn being built for us, it is still being built which slows our progress down slightly. So far from what i know is the spawn should be completed soon. Updates will be available when I hear about them.

    Also exam season is here for me, which renders me unable to work on the server until the 12th, which is not a long time and after the 12th i will be partially focused on the server. I still have another 2 exams after the 12th but studying is somewhat relaxed for those classes. Because of this i will look to hire some help to get the server worked on while i am not present.

    I will continue to keep in contact with our build team, to see when the spawn will be finished.

    Thank you,
    ~ sHamre99
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